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The end-to-end sales process from this agent’s viewpoint

This agent’s step-by-step guide to selling property

The following items were extracted from a handbook I designed to maintain consistency and effectiveness across my sales team. In fact, the handbook often makes an appearance at listing presentations with prospective and new sellers; it’s keeps my team accountable to the selling process, and ultimately, delivers greater client satisfaction.

Flat-fee pricing

As you read, what will become clear, is that this agency works quite differently to almost all others. Flat-fee pricing is not a gimmick to lure tight-ass sellers. It’s also not to confuse my business and business model as ‘low-rent’. Simply put, it’s my approach to a more ethical way to do business. Unreservedly, flat-fee real estate restores service to the local marketplace, something my research and pundits alike, feel is overdue.


We will inspect your property. Where there’s a tenant in residence, we will give them 1 or 2-day’s notice of our intention to conduct an inspection.

Analysis and reporting

We will conduct a thorough comparative market analysis. We will research, analyse and report what properties are currently for sale, and those recently sold.


We will report on what you can expect from the current market. We will create your buyer’s profile, that will help you decide the most appropriate sales method (private treaty or expression of interest or auction), and marketing strategy. The appraisal will include rent pricing, as your buyer may be an investor.


We will be prepare the agency agreement between you and us, that sets out terms, conditions, price, marketing, costs and obligations. And before you make any commitment, we will give you time to review the agreement or negotiate the terms of the agreement.

Conveyancing instructions to solicitor

Once the statutory cooling-off period has expired on the agency agreement (usually 24 hours), we will instruct your solicitor or conveyancer to prepare a draft copy of the contract of sale. Note, we cannot begin marketing your property until we hold a draft copy of the contract of sale.

Pest and building inspection

We will instruct a licensed inspector to carry out pest and building inspections and report their findings. And we will upload the pest and building inspection reports to your property’s unique micro-site [].

Staging and styling

We will instruct a property stylist to quote you (optional).

We will instruct a photographer to create your image gallery.

Sign board
We will instruct a tradesperson to erect your sign board.

Digital marketing

We will instruct a copywriter at Domain Media to create your property’s internet search listing.

Print marketing

We will instruct a copywriter at Border Mail to create your property’s print listing (optional).

Open home

We will plan to open your property for inspection around your’s or your tenant’s work-life schedule.

Weekly reporting

We will email your weekly report, that includes your buyer’s feedback about our campaign and your property.

Offers and counter-offers

We will motivate and attract interest from and competition between your buyers. We will collect and qualify offers and terms of sale, or expressions of interest, and make counter-offers to get the best outcome.


We will conduct a public auction, if you choose auction as your sale method.

Sales instructions to solicitor

We will instruct your solicitor or conveyancer, after you and your buyer have agreed to the property’s price and the terms of the contract of sale. Unless we act for you, your’s and your buyer’s solicitor or conveyancer will action an exchange of the contract of sale.

Terms of sale

We will remain vigilant until all the terms of the contract of sale are met, and the contract of sale becomes unconditional.

Final inspection

We will attend your buyer’s final property inspection, usually 3 or 4 days prior to all party’s representatives (solicitors or conveyancers or lenders) attend to settlement of the terms of the contract of sale.


We will action your solicitor’s or conveyancer’s instructions to release to you the proceeds of any deposit held, and your buyer the keys to their (new) property.