Terms Of Use

We have established a terms policy (also called terms of digital service). It’s a set of basic principles and actions for website users accessing online information and services.

Designed to create a fair and sustainable business, we require website users to:

1. Adhere to laws and regulations of internet-use governed by jurisdiction
2. Respect copyright and trade mark law, including the removal of copyright or proprietary marks and notations
3. Limit single-use license of training materials (no copying or distribution)
4. Limit non-commercial use of property materials, information content and sources (posts or listings), and images
5. Protect our user’s content (reviews) as equal to copyright protection
6. Avoid spam to promote or attract business
7. Use external hyperlinks with care at own risk

We promise to:

1. Adopt any trade or consumer law or regulation governed by jurisdiction
2. Maintain and correct website content
3. Inspect and update hyperlinks, or remove dead links and links to inappropriate content
4. Investigate and vigorously defend any claim of misuse of our website
5. Terminate any user’s account when abusive behaviour is detected

We’re committed to keeping the promises set out in the Terms policy, however, we’re human and can make mistakes. Fixing these mistakes and ensuring we deliver on my promises is very important to us. And we have a documented process for dealing with concerns you might raise quickly and fairly.

Except where limited by law or regulation, we make no warranty on:

1. Merchantability and fitness of use for website content
2. Accuracy or reliability of website content
3. Reliability of website content
4. Website availability (offline vs online)

For more information about our terms policy, write in-confidence to the licensee.

Luke Chiodo
PO Box 940, Albury 2640
info @ lukechiodo.com