Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is a set of basic accountabilities and responsibilities that we’re committed to secure and protect information.

Designed to create an effective and compliant business, we promise to:

1. Only ask for information relevant to our service
2. Correct inaccurate or outdated information
3. Not share your information with others
4. Not sell your information to third parties
5. Encrypt your financial data
6. Securely destroy non-essential documentation
7. Deploy ‘cookies’ only to serve you a better experience

In limited circumstances, we’re permitted or required by law to share your personal information. For example, a court, or the tax office, or the police can compel us to give personal information to them.

The law also requires us to advise you of certain ‘notifiable matters’ where your information may be shared with a credit reporting body.

They are limitations on information. You can ask for access to your personal information, however, we may not always be able to give you access to all the personal information we have about you.

We cannot give you access to information that:

1. Would show personal information about others
2. Would expose a commercially sensitive decision-making process
3. Is prevented by law

We’re committed to keeping the promises set out in our privacy policy, however, we’re human and can make mistakes. Fixing these mistakes and ensuring we deliver on our promises is very important to us. And we have a documented process for dealing with concerns you might raise quickly and fairly.

More information is available by writing to the licensee.

Luke Chiodo
PO Box 940, Albury 2640
info @ lukechiodo.com