Customer Charter

Our client service charter is a set of basic principles and actions that we’re committed to manage and deliver service.

Designed to create an effective and sustainable business, we promise to:

1. Comply with all governing laws and regulations
2. Conduct ourselves with professionalism
3. Inform with accuracy and clarity
4. Market our services ethically and responsibly
5. Uphold a client’s lawful right to privacy
6. Apply common-sense to transactional business
7. Treat clients and potential clients with respect
8. Rectify a client’s unsatisfactory experience

We may contact you from time to time to seek your opinion on how we do things, how we want to do things in the future or your thoughts on policy. We may write to you with information we feel you may find relevant. You may opt-out at any time.

We’re committed to keeping the promises set out in our charter, however, we’re human and can make mistakes. Fixing these mistakes and ensuring we deliver on our promises is very important to us. And we have a documented process for dealing with concerns you might raise quickly and fairly.

More information is available by writing to the licensee.

Luke Chiodo
PO Box 940, Albury 2640
info @ lukechiodo.com