What is user-generated content?

Simply put, user-generated content (also known as user-created content) is opinion and commentary, including image, audio, video files and external links, that is created and posted or shared by users, subscribers and contributors, not directly related to my business.

Content created by those directly related to my business is not covered by these terms.

No guarantee of validity

This is a community-based business using the user-sharing approach of developing and distributing content we feel the community may enjoy or find useful. Anyone may contribute content to this website, therefore, no business owner, team member, sponsor or advertiser connected with this site is responsible for any inaccurate content.

Professional advice

Content in this site is presented for informational purposes – not advice. Content may include: legal, financial, product or service information. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any content.

External links

This site provides external links to other websites. We make no representation regarding the content of any other websites that you may access from this website. And we have no control over the content of these websites and cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of any information linked externally.