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Why would a seller choose an independent agent?

All real estate agents must be trained and accredited to manage property transactions by their state’s regulatory authority, but only some real estate agents are licensed. In fact, most local agencies have just one licensee, and a team of cadets who do the ‘real’ work of selling.

The most common feedback we get is that sellers prefer the kind of one-on-one service experience and value that can only come with an independent licensed real estate agent.

Research proves that selling property is not about brand recognition but a buyer’s priority to find the property that best fits their lifestyle or financial goals. Sellers should focus on getting the most service, value and performance from their agent — not the brand’s hype.

Flat-fee pricing is a gimmick, right?

Old-school real estate agencies who got rich from the spoils of the real estate boom may disagree, but flat-fee pricing that’s inclusive of marketing and advertising, is simply a fairer, more transparent way to do real estate business. Why would you pay up to 3%1 commission and $2,0002 advertising, when there’s a more cost-effective service in the marketplace?

If I pay less, I must be get less?

The weight of a 1 kilo bag of oranges doesn’t change between Coles and Woolies, only the quality may vary. So to with real estate agencies. The quality of an agency’s relevance is best measured by how closely an agent’s values are aligned with yours. Despite its square footage or luxury car fleet, you don’t hire the agency, you hire the selling agent / representative who’s tasked with the job to establish your needs, satisfy your experience and meet your expectations.

Keep in mind, that in all Australian states, real estate agency agreements are designed and regulated by law to accurately and fully describe what sellers can expect from their agent. Therefore, there’s no hiding an agent’s responsibilities and accountabilities, and consumer laws are in place to protect sellers from non-compliant or rogue agencies and agents.

Do I pay for building and pest inspections?

We lead the local market in what resources we present to our buyers to assist them in decision-making. It is our point of difference.

We engage licensed and state authorised building and pest inspectors to carry out inspections and deliver their findings (reports) at our cost with every residential dwelling listed for sale, and prior to marketing. This strategy helps establish a selling price or reserve price more accurately, and strengthens the agent’s and seller’s position when it comes time to negotiate a fair market price and terms.

What if I don’t sell, or change my mind?

We operate in an industry where reputation is not just relevant, but critical to our sustainability. If there’s no sale, there’s no fee.

1 2 Compared to Ray White.