Sell Property

Either by experience or anecdote, listing a property for sale is mostly viewed as another of life’s challenges or obstacles to overcome. It’s stressful. It’s time-consuming. And it’s expensive. Though that depends on the agency, its people and business partners, and their learned or inherent skill set.

Because, and maybe despite your motivation for the sale (upgrading, down-sizing, security or financial freedom), we make the job of selling your home or investment property simple and stress-free. We focus on sales. Actually, property sales is all we do. Really well.

With 25-year’s property transaction experience, licensed agent Luke Chiodo and his team has the confidence and capacity to ethically and effectively represent your property to the local market. We motivate and engage active and spontaneous buyers, and generate competition between buyers for the best sales result.

It starts with a conversation. Request an appraisal to get us talking.