Business Insights

One agent’s point of difference

Why I didn’t settle for just one

I could have designed my business around one or two points of difference, but that would have been too easy — almost lazy. So I settled on six, that I found would dramatically increase client engagement and satisfaction. Some points were sourced from seller’s feedback collected over the years, others from 25-year’s buying and selling experience.

Single-point accountability

Where other agencies call out the big guns to get your business, only to leave the business of representing you and your property to inexperienced cadets, Luke Chiodo is accountable to all parts of your campaign — 24/7 end to end. It’s more service.

Flat-fee price (commission)

Where other agencies calculate their commission based on the final value of your property, Luke Chiodo bills for service, and it’s an uncomplicated flat-fee price payable on settlement. It’s more value.

Private sale or auction

Where other agencies hire an auctioneer at your cost, Luke Chiodo is an accredited auctioneer and conducts public auction as an alternative to private treaty sales within the flat-fee price. It’s more choice.

Essential marketing

Where other agencies charge you to advertise your property so they can earn their commission, Luke Chiodo includes essential (premium digital) marketing within the flat-fee price. It’s more fair.

Building and pest inspection

Where other agencies avoid scrutiny, at his cost, Luke Chiodo pre-emptively gets a professional building and pest inspection report before setting a vendor’s selling or reserve price, or taking any buyer’s offer. It’s more transparent.

Creating competition
Where other agencies focus on getting you just one buyer, Luke Chiodo creates competition between multiple buyers for the best result. It’s more for you.

You deserve more from your real estate agent.