Selling Insights

How to earn thousands more when you’re selling your home

One of the most commonly asked questions by sellers of their real estate agent is, “how can I get top dollar for my property?”

The answer to that question, and others like it, is based on a number of intrinsically-connected factors, including but not limited to location, land and house size, and local amenities. However, these three factors, as a seller, and me as your agent, you cannot control or change. So, what can you change, to make different or better?

Every property has a buyer. And yours will come, but at what price? In one critical area, almost all sellers can create influence to get more when negotiating a sale or on the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer.

Sellers can earn up to $10,000 more on a sale by doing nothing more than committing a weekend to their investment, and substantially improving their return on that investment. Ultimately, the best (read highest) possible outcome on the successful sale of a property will come by effectively differentiating your property from others on the market, and those recently on the market and sold.

As your agent, I’ll use my experience as a 17-time renovator and real estate professional to identify and explore your options to make small, though relevant improvements that will attract prospective buyers to make an offer, and ideally, several offers.

What is the magic bullet, you ask? Nothing magically; nevertheless, it’s highly effective.

It’s decluttering. And not just ‘things’.

An agent needs your home to feel sufficiently inviting so that prospective buyers feel as though they’re visiting a good friend and could relax and enjoy the space; not so they need to scrabble for a place to sit that isn’t littered by pet hair or laundry (or your teenagers playing video games).

When it comes time to list your property for sale, how motivated you are, and equally your motivation for the listing, must be considered or at the very least, discussed with your real estate agent. When your motivation is clear, a pathway to a successful listing and sale is not possible, it’s inevitable.

So, how motivated are you to sell your home, and how motivated are you to declutter? I’m not asking for the Marie Kondo type of decluttering where your home becomes a shrine devoid of any personality, rather a considered environment that puts the focus on your potential buyer, not you or your memories, however joyful or inspiring they may be for you and your family.

Buyers are clever enough to imagine your space as they live, with their furniture or aesthetic, and their lifestyle. But unless your property is listed as a ‘renovator’s delight’, and likely to be subject to a gut and refit, the task for a prospective buyer becomes challenging, and sometimes fatal, if the buyer needs to put too much effort (read cerebal investment) to metaphorically declutter your home, before they can ‘see’ creating the space as their own.

Simply put, subtract from the property anything not used in its practical day-to-day enjoyment. Be ruthless. Decluttering your home today will save you time and headache when your real estate agent and conveyancer settles the transaction, and it’s moving day. Store items that bring you joy or have value, and consider a garage sale or local online App, like Facebook Marketplace, to sell items you no longer want or need. And put the money you earn toward your move to someplace new.

If you don’t think you can declutter effectively or efficiently, ask for help from your real estate agent. They’ll either give you a checklist to get your started, or find a local whose specialty is property staging.

And if you need a professional to help declutter or style your home for sale, then consider a specialist such as The Inspired Space – an Albury-based business helping real estate agents and vendors alike, reach and capture a broader audience for their properties, and ultimately, significantly better sales results.