Selling Insights

An agent’s perspective on using colour to spruce your home for sale

Are you seeking to give your home a spruce for sale, or just a change for the season? One of the easiest and most effective ways to reinvigorate your home is with colour, and paint should come to mind. It’s cost-effective and also efficient.

Like most real estate agents, I’d prefer to market a home that’s likely to reach a broader audience, but that shouldn’t mean sticking to a neutral palate based on whites, or shades of white. And if you’re motivated to list your home for sale, ask for advice about the state of the market and the kind of purchasers in the market. Your aesthetic may not fit the market or demand if that style is too far left of centre.

Colour done in such a way to compliment the room’s purpose will more often win a purchaser’s interest and motivate them to make an offer.

If you’re redecorating an intimate space, such as a formal lounge, then darker colours may create the right ambience or mood that engages your visitors and encourages conversation. Rather than choose one wall colour throughout the space, consider lighter shades of the same, perhaps one-quarter or one-half strength. This considered approach will create cohesion and balance, as both natural and artificial light bounces and reflects around the space.

On the other hand, if you’re looking at less formal or more utilitarian spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, then a good neutral colour will lessen the fussiness of spaces where there’s already a plethora of fittings that may clash. Think cabinetry, appliances, tapware, etc.

If you’re thinking of large spaces, such as family rooms, go for broke. Bright wall colour mixed with strong whites or equally strong blacks, and texture, will inspire family and friends to enjoy the space. The relaxed feel of the space will eliminate any formality.

Another option is texture. And texture is best served in soft furnishings, fabrics and floor coverings. You can definitely express more of your style with texture, and it adds flexibility to change things up to fit the room’s occupants and its use.

Though not always textured, timbers can be used in almost any space to make it feel more grounded or with an earthy quality. And insist on natural timbers. If you cannot afford large expanses of timber, go for timber accents using high-grade specialty timbers with deeper and irregular grains.

Look at what’s trending by researching your options. Try websites such as Pinterest to get you started. Or my favourite, a few of the more popular Australian home magazines. Try Belle for luxe, Inside Out for everyday living, and Home Beautiful is styling.